Car Problems That Necessitate Towing

Every car owner knows cars can break down without notice. Your vehicle can break down or slide off the road on your way to or from work, home, school, or vacation. If you can't get it running again, you will have to tow the vehicle. 

Other car problems that often require towing services include the following.

Engine Failure 

Engine or transmission failure takes more than a quick diagnostic to fix the problems. This means that roadside assistance can't fix a failing transmission or engine. The towing service will tow your vehicle to a professional mechanic. 

Damaged Suspension 

Your car's suspension makes the ride more comfortable by smoothing the bumps and maintaining traction. It also improves handling and keeps you in control. Therefore, when your suspension breaks down, consider calling a towing service. 

It's possible to drive with a few damaged suspension parts, such as shock absorbers, control arms, or anti-roll bars. This doesn't mean you should, because it requires extreme caution to maneuver vehicles with damaged suspensions. 

Leaking Brake Fluid

A puddle of a clear yellow or dark brown fluid under your vehicle is often a sign of trouble. It means that your vehicle is leaking brake fluid. Before panicking:

  • Test to feel whether your brakes are resistant or not
  • Open the hood and check the brake fluid reservoir levels
  • Confirm by checking that your brake light warning is flashing

If all checks confirm that your vehicle is leaking brake fluid, don't drive that car. Instead, contact a towing service to haul your vehicle to a mechanic. Don't attempt to drive your vehicle to the mechanic because it is dangerous for you to be in a car that can't slow down. This is because your braking system can't build up enough pressure to stop the vehicle. 

Minor Problems Such as Locked Keys, or Low on Fuel

Towing services can be useful if you are out of fuel, locked your keys inside, or have a tire puncture. Most towing companies offer roadside assistance services. Typically, these are fixes or repairs that can be completed without towing the vehicle to their shop. 

For example, if your vehicle is out of gas, the towing company can deliver gas to your location. However, if your vehicle has a leak, the towing company would have to tow it for a comprehensive fix.

Similarly, a tire puncture can be fixed on the spot. If your keys are in the vehicle, the towing company can access them without damaging the locks. However, replacing lost keys might require towing.  

Contact a local tow truck company for more information.