Three Pieces Of Information To Have Ready When Calling A Tow Truck

Calling a tow truck is never a fun experience. Usually, that means that you've broken down the side of the road, either because your car has stopped working or you've been in an accident. Regardless, it's a stressful situation.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make that process a little easier. When you call a towing company, make sure you have the below three pieces of information handy. Doing so will ensure that your towing operator arrives with the right truck at the right place at the right time, saving you as much headache as possible.

Your Exact Location

While you don't necessarily need latitude and longitude, try to give your tow truck driver the most accurate description of where you're at. If possible, use your smartphone to send the exact location to the towing company; if that's not possible, look for landmarks. A nearby building, sign, or even the last place that you remember seeing are all useful pieces of information. If you happen to be out of the country, look for a road marker. The more accurate description you can give your tow truck driver, the quicker they'll be able to reach you. Fortunately, most drivers are familiar with their service area, so this should be a relatively quick explanation.

Your Vehicle

Make and model are the obvious vehicle descriptions that your tow truck driver needs to know, but you should also let them know what color your car is and whether it's a two or four-wheel-drive. A four-wheel-drive vehicle usually requires a flatbed trailer, and depending on what type of two-wheel drive vehicle you have—either rear or front—your driver may need to bring a different tow truck to haul it properly. Also, if you have children or other items in your car that requires special attention, be sure to let them know that as well.

Your Destination

If you're planning on going to your mechanic, then make sure you know what the address is. If you just want to tow it back to your home then give them that information as well. While it's not necessary, you should also consider calling your mechanic to let them know that you'll be coming in; more than one vehicle has been towed to a mechanic's shop only to find out that they're closed. While en route to your location, your towing operator will most likely chart the fastest course to your destination, so giving this information to them ahead of time will streamline the whole process.

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