Six Mistakes to Avoid When You Need to Tow in Winter Weather

Unfortunately, winter weather often makes car accidents and malfunctions more likely. This means that motorists frequently find themselves in the inconvenient situation of needing a tow for their vehicle in adverse weather conditions.

Although breaking down or getting in an accident in a winter storm can be a scary experience, you can ensure that you handle the experience as smoothly as possible by avoiding the following six mistakes:

Waiting outside in the cold for the tow truck to come

One of the most important things you need to focus on if you're waiting for a tow truck to pick you up during the winter is staying warm. It's best to remain in the vehicle while you're waiting. If you stay in the vehicle, you will be warm and you'll stay dry. This can keep you healthy and comfortable until the tow truck arrives.

Keeping your vehicle in a hazardous area along the road

Being aware of your surroundings is important when you're waiting for a tow truck to arrive. If your vehicle isn't working and you're waiting for a tow, it's quite likely that you're surrounded by hazards like ice patches along the road.

Hopefully, your vehicle is still running so that you can pull it over as far off the road as possible. Make sure you keep your vehicle well away from any winter storm hazards and also aren't creating an obstacle to other motorists who are passing by. 

Failing to put your hazards on while you're waiting

It's important for you to put your vehicle's hazard lights on while you're waiting. This will let other motorists around you know that you're having vehicle problems. 

Trying to get yourself out for a long time before calling a tow

You need to recognize a lost cause as soon as possible when it becomes clear that you're not going to be able to extract your vehicle yourself. The sooner you call the auto towing service, the sooner your vehicle will be moving again and you'll be on the way.

Wasting your gas

If you're short on gas when your vehicle needs a tow, it's important that you conserve gas if you'll need to be waiting a while for the tow truck to arrive. Gas will allow you to heat your vehicle and stay warm, so use it sparingly if your tank is low. 

Not being conspicuous enough to those who are driving by

While you're waiting, snow can build up on your vehicle and make your vehicle less visible. It's important that your vehicle is constantly visible to other motorists driving by to prevent accidents. Be aware of how easy to see your vehicle is and wipe accumulating snow off if possible to make sure that other motorists won't accidentally hit you because they don't see you there.