Reasons To Be Respectful When You Encounter Someone Towing Your Vehicle

Your day quickly gets worse when you notice a tow truck driver hooking up your vehicle to tow away. While a tow truck like one from Maggio Truck Center is a welcome sight when you're stuck on the side of the road after a breakdown, you might not be too pleased to see this professional when your vehicle is parked somewhere. Perhaps your vehicle is being repossessed or you were parked illegally. Whatever the case, the driver has a job to do and you're best to avoid getting aggressive. You can't conventionally talk a tow truck driver out of towing your vehicle, but being respectful will go a long way. Here are three things that respect can get you.

More Help With Getting Your Vehicle Back

If you're angry and aggressive toward the tow truck operator, there's a considerable chance that he or she will hook up your vehicle and leave the scene as quickly as possible. A respectful attitude, however, can change this encounter entirely. The tow truck driver may not be able to leave your car for you, but he or she can give you some useful information on how to get it back. For example, because of your respectful attitude, the driver may tell you where he or she is taking the vehicle and what it will take on your behalf to retrieve it.

Waiving Of The Impound Lot Fee

When your vehicle is towed because of a parking violation, you'll not only face a fine, but will also face an impound lot fee on top of the fine. This fee can range from a little to a lot, but there's a chance that you may be able to get out of paying it. If you're overly respectful with the tow truck operator, he or she may recommend that the towing company waives the impound lot fee for you. This happens from time to time and will save you a good chunk of money.

Prevention Of The Situation Escalating

A tow truck operator is a professional who is trained and experienced with keeping cool in hostile environments. He or she is also human, and when you get in the driver's face in an aggressive manner, it will escalate the situation. Perhaps you'll end up in a significant verbal altercation that draws a crowd — leaving you doubly embarrassed, because no one likes being seen while having his or her vehicle towed. It's also possible that someone will call the police because you're yelling, which only makes the whole situation worse.