Frequently Asked Questions About Towing Fees

If you find yourself in a position of needing your automobile towed, you may find yourself wondering about the price. There are many questions that may be swirling through your mind, including how much it will cost and what factors affect the price. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions you may have about towing fees and the answers. 

How Much Does It Cost to Tow an Automobile?

If you need your car or truck towed, you may wonder how much it will cost. Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer. The price of a tow can vary drastically based on the area you live and how far you need the car towed. Most tow companies charge a base rate or a hook-up fee. This is the base cost just to come to you and hook the car up. Most companies typically charge $35 to $100 for this fee. From there, the companies then typically charge about $2.50 to $5.00 per mile. The amount of competition in the area and whether there are legal limits in place to how much a tow company charges can affect these prices. 

What Other Factors Affect the Price of a Tow? 

There are two other major factors that affect the price that you are charged for a tow. The first is the type and size of automobile you have. If you have a larger automobile, such as a truck or SUV, an electric vehicle or if your car is front wheel versus rear wheel drive, different tow trucks need to be used. The cheapest type of tow truck is a hook and chain tow truck, followed by a wheel lift tow truck and then followed by a flatbed tow truck. Different cars need different types of tow trucks which affects the rate you are quoted. 

The other factor that affects the price of the tow is the day and time that you need a tow. Fewer tow truck companies may be open late at night, on weekends or holidays. And they may have to pay their drivers a premium to work those hours. As such, you can expect to pay a bit more if you need a tow during these times. 

How Can You Get the Best Price for a Tow? 

Most insurance companies offer roadside assistance policies with limited towing services. The cost to add this to your insurance is usually very affordable. If you do not yet need a tow, consider adding this to your insurance policy, so you have some towing coverage in the future. If you do not have a roadside assistance plan and you need towing now, getting estimates from at least three towing companies can help you find the best price for a tow. 

The fees associated with towing a car can vary based on many different factors, including the type and size of car you need to be towed, the day and time you need the car towed, and how much various tow companies charge. If you are in need of a tow, take the time to call various tow truck companies and get an estimate. This will help you to find a towing company who charges a fair rate for their towing services.