4 Driving Tips To Keep In Mind When Towing A Trailer In The Winter

If you have a trailer that you need to tow during the winter, when the roads may be covered with ice, snow and water, you need to be extremely careful as you drive on the road with your trailer. Here are four driving tips that you should keep in mind as you tow a trailer with your vehicle in winter weather.

#1 Thoroughly Inspect Your Trailer & Vehicle

The first thing that you need to do is take some extra time to thoroughly inspect your trailer and vehicle before you hit the road with it. Make sure that the trailer is properly attached to your vehicle and that all of the brake lights and tail lights on your vehicle and your trailer are working properly. This will help ensure that your brake connects are properly set-up and will help keep the people around you safe on the road as well.

#2 Check The Weight Of Your Trailer

Second, make sure that you are not pulling more weight than you need to. Take your trailer to an industrial scale in your area and weigh it to ensure that you are not exceeding the weight that your vehicle can pull. If you can, try to reduce the overall weight that you are pulling with your trailer. A lighter trailer will be less strain on your vehicle and will be easier for your vehicle to handle.

#3 Verify The State Of Your Tires

Third, you should always verify the state of your tires. You should check your tire and make sure that the tread on your tires are not worn out or very thin. If the tread is worn out and very thin, you should replace your tires before you haul anything with your vehicle or use your trailer.

You should also make sure that the tire pressure is at the correct rate for each of your tires. This will help ensure that you have proper traction as you pull your trailer down the road.

#4 Be Careful On The Road

When you actually take your trailer out on the open winter road, be extremely careful. Do not be in a rush to get to your destination. When the road conditions are slippery, make sure that you are driving at or below the speed limit. Give yourself significantly more room to break than if you were just driving your vehicle without a trailer behind it. Your trailer will give your vehicle more force and weight, and it will take you longer to slow down, especially if it is slippery outside. Keeping your speed low will make it easier for you to stop and turn safely.

Before you haul your trailer on the winter roads, make sure that your vehicle and trailer are in the right shape for such a task, and make sure that you drive carefully and budget extra space between you and other vehicles when you slow down, turn, and go around curves. For more information, talk to a towing professional.