What To Do If You Have A Small Car Accident

Driving can be difficult depending on weather conditions, road conditions and other traffic. If you are driving and have a small accident, you will want to know what the proper steps are that you need to do to get your car and yourself out of harm's way and on the way to repair. Here are some instructions that you can use should you have the misfortune of having a car accident.

Get Yourself To Safety

As soon as you have an accident, your first concern should be if you have sustained any type of injury. If you are hurt, call 911 immediately, if able. Stay put if you are afraid that you may have broken something or if it hurts too much to move. If you are only mildly shaken up, you can move from your vehicle to safety at the side of the road, but should still be checked for injury.

If you feel fine, try to move your vehicle to the side of the road to get it out of the path of any oncoming traffic. If the vehicle is not able to be moved, leave it with the four-way flashers on to alert any other traffic to be careful.

Assess The Damage

Make sure that the driver of the other vehicle is not injured and take a look at both vehicles to see how much damage has been done. You can exchange insurance information to give to your company when you place a claim.

Make Some Phone Calls

You will want to alert law enforcement that there has been a traffic accident so that they can arrive on the scene to give an official report in case it is needed for later use. They will also be able to help direct traffic should the accident be in the way.

Call your insurance agent to inform them about the accident. They will send someone to check out the vehicle once it has been cleared from the roadway, but you should still call right away while the details are still freshly embedded in your memory.

Call a tow truck company (such as Martinez Towing) to remove your vehicle from the roadway. You will need to have your vehicle taken to an auto body repair shop for an analysis and repair. A tow truck will be able to bring the vehicle to either your home or the body shop. They will also be able to give you a ride to your home.