4 Great Times To Call A Towing Service

Towing services can help you out of many different types of binds. Your vehicle doesn't have to be damaged in an accident for a towing service to be able to help you out. Here are four great times to call a towing service for assistance.

#1 Flat Tire

If you find yourself with a flat tire and you don't have the tools or knowledge on how to change a flat tire, call up a towing service. They will happily switch out your flat tire and put on a spare for you. If you don't have a spare, they can tow your vehicle to the nearest tire shop. They can even make sure that your spare tire is in good shape by filling it up with air once they put it on your vehicle.

Even if you know how to change a flat tire, calling a towing company can still be helpful. For example, if your tire goes flat and you have to pull over on the side of a highway or in a really dark area, a towing company can help provide safety and light as your flat tire is switched out.

#2 Engine Overheated

If your engine has overheated, you should not try to keep driving, even if your vehicle is capable of driving. Pull over and let your engine cool off. As your engine cools off, call up a tow truck company. The tow truck company can take your vehicle to the local mechanic, or even provide you will coolant and distilled water for your engine so that you can get back on the road again without damaging your vehicle.

#3 Dead Battery

Many tow truck companies offer jump-start services, so if your battery will not start, it can be smart to call your local tow company. Most tow companies now have portable batteries that will jump-start your vehicle, so you don't need to figure out how to park another vehicle next to yours to get it to start. If it ends up that it is not your battery and your vehicle needs towed to the local mechanic, you already have the tow truck right there to help you out.

#4 Out Of Gas

If for some reason you run out of gas, you can always call your local tow company and have them bring you out a can of gas. This saves you from walking to the gas station, purchasing a gas can, and trudging it back to your vehicle. This can be particularly helpful if you run out of gas somewhere far away from any other gas station, like on the freeway when you get stuck in traffic or when you are on some backroad.

Your vehicle doesn't have to be in an accident for your local towing company to help you out. Your local towing company can assist you with everyday obstacles like a flat tire, dead battery, running out of gas, and an overheated vehicle.